Day eight!

This is going to be a busy day in my personal life so I may not get a lot done on the basement. I have a job interview at 2:15pm. I have an early Jaycee meeting at 6:10 (for TIPS training prior to our beer pouring at the June Arts Festival downtown). And to top it all off, my Mommy is coming down from Michigan for a couple days to visit.

I am going to try to get the top plate on the north wall and a few studs up to make it look good. It will feel good not to have any bare walls.

I am now debating whether to buy more drywall to cover the back side of the west wall (in the future storage area/room) and to possibly frame the north wall too. I was already planning on drywalling the west wall to cover the preexisting studs to prevent drafts from the crawl space (and ot make it look prettier and have a surface to tack things on to or whatnot). Way too much crap hanging form the ceiling to even think of drywalling the ceiling. Drop Ceiling maybe? I was never intending to finish this room, but the idea is growing on me like a bad wart.

Plans for today:

  1. frame as much as possible of the north wall.
  2. debate whether to pseudo-finish the soon-to-be storage/work room.

That's it for today.

PICTURES the next morning - 5 angles (3 from door, 2 from window), click to enlarge:

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