This is the day that the west wall begins! Let it rise! Wait a minute, is that deja vu? I said that on Friday. Oops, as usual, I got ahead of myself and ended up doing volunteer work at the downtown Arts Fest (or should I say, weird-Rainbow-people-festival since there were tons of them there. Gross! But it was for a fundraiser, so I bit my lip and did not make too many comments anout those perverts.) instead of working on the basement.

Today will have framing and insulation of the west wall, except for around the door opening, as I want to get the door first to see how things will frame up/out. Also need to add a stud block to the south wall to butt up the stub wall next to the door.

Insulation will be completed on the west wall after I run the last electric wire down to the gang box that i will install on it after the studs are up. Extra insulation will eb put on the south wall, and I have a feeling I need to go buy another roll.

Plans for today:

  1. install the the 14' header/footer boards on west wall. Frame most of it as well.
  2. buy a door (tomorrow).
  3. frame an extra stud with side holders on the south wall for the left side of the door to hold on to.

PICTURES the next morning - 5 angles (3 from door, 2 from window), click to enlarge:

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