I had intentions of starting taping and mudding today. Alas, my creativity got the better of me. I was given an extra pack of drywall from Lowes and had to do something with it. Looking back in my workshop/furnace area, I noticed that the framing that was pre-installed along the back wall (next to the crawl space) was just a hair under 4 feet high. Drywall sheets are 4 feet on the horizontal. Hmmmmm. Two sheets would end up almost perfectly covering the exposed area along that half wall.

Also, I had purchased a couple extra ceiling gang boxes and some keyless light outlets. So before I put up the half wall, I crawled on back and ran wire for two more lights to go in the crawl space. I ran them off of the one light that was back there already and now it makes a world of difference. The real kicker was to look at the crawl space dark and then lit after I put up the half wall (which effectively closed it in and made it... guess what... dark! Good thing I put the lights in!

Plans for today:

  1. drywall the half wall in the back furnace area.
  2. run electric for two more overhead lights in teh crawl space.
  3. finish the couple small drywall pieces around the entrances on the stub walls in the main area.

notes: I did all the walls, but have a couple odd pieces along the stub walls to tack up tomorrow morning. But basically done!

PICTURES of the back furnace area - 5 angles (3 from door, 2 from window), click to enlarge:

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