First things first. I still have some leftover one-foot sections of long drywall that got chopped off from the bottom sheets that I hung in the main room. there are just enough to make a semi-wall on the back of the west wall next to the door. This fits perfect next to where I drilled up a couple storage shelving units on the other side of it (click here for a BONUS PIC to see what I mean).

I want to mop the floors also, to get rid of all that dust. I know I will make more dust when I sand the mud later, but for now, less coughing and more cleanness! I need to go by Lowes and grab some corner beads and pop those up before I start mudding, and also grab a can of insulating foam.

Plans for today:

  1. slap up the leftover long sections (don't waste anything!).
  2. box in the basement window with drywall scraps.
  3. mop the floors after vacuuming up dust.
  4. install corner bead.
  5. spray insulation foam in the open areas around the doors and gang boxes.

notes: I really need to get the grass cut today, as have let it go for 2 weeks. I can tell it is bad because Heika almost disappears in it when I let her go out the back yard. Can you say, jungle?!

PICTURES the next morning - 5 angles (3 from door, 2 from window), click to enlarge:

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