Pretty boring today, just sanding down the ceiling and corners. The ceiling looks to be a real challenge so it may be a morning and evening project (after my Masons meeting and Jaycees meeting).

If I get all the sanding done today... then I will be ready to paint the primer coat tomorrow! It will give a whole new look and feel to this room, I am excited!

note: I could not finish sanding because the mud was still damp in the corners. Maybe because I put it on kinda heavy? I don't know, but it was comign off in little pieces when I tried to sand it, so I am gonna wait a couple days and try again. Have i mentioned what a pain in teh ass this is to sand drywall mud? Especially the ceiling. Next time, I am wearing a bandana to keep my hair from becoming a mud cake.

Plans for today:

  1. sand down the corners and ceiling.


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