Pretty boring today, just finishing the sanding down of the ceiling and corners. The ceiling is NOT going to be done 100%. I put too much mud on in a few spots to try and hide the hanging tape spots, and there will be humps. however, I am thinkign of using some sort of texture in my ceiling paint, such as sand or grit, or a specially made prepared ceiling paint, so this will hopefully hide most of the spots where the mud is not exactly perfectly flat.

I came downstairs today with the notion in my head that once I left, there would be no more sanding. So it is done. The walls are actually pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. The only bad spots are the ceilings, and this will be hid, hopefully, by the texture.

A final step to this phase is to get rid of all this dang drywall mud dust. It is everywhere. Before doing anything, I made sure my house fan was on (to blow air in thru the vent), and the doors were sealed shut to keep dust form getting in the house. I had to first vacuum all along the edges with my shop vac, then the main floor. Then, I put up a window fan in the window (took off the window glass) set for exhaust and fired up my lawn leaf blower to blow the dust off the walls and corners and ceilings. I then popped outside and watched the window opening and could actually see all the dust being blown out the window, pretty cool! Finally, I am going down with my mop and bucket and swabbing down the floors. May as well make everything as clean as possible before we start painting the primer coat tomorrow!

Plans for today:

  1. FINISH sanding down the corners and ceiling.
  2. Clean the dust.

PICTURES the next morning - 5 angles (3 from door, 2 from window), click to enlarge:

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