Phase Four begins... The Finishing

This is the big day! I will be putting down a base coat of primer and/or paint and we will see what the room looks like. Instead of buying new cans of primer, I think I will use what I have laying around. When they built my house, they left a half gallon of commercial-grade primer and also a half 5-gallon bucket of off-white eggshell paint which I had used to paint the walls upstairs. Then again, primer is specially formulated so that it seals up the raw drywall and gives a better adhering surface for the final paint coat.

Hmmm, sounds like another Lowes trip. I do need to get painters tape for making my lines and some cans of paint to do the actual painting (may be able to paint this weekend, dare I say it?). So I may as well pick up some primer and do the job right. May even see about some baseboards, as I think I will use the cheap crown moulding that I had originally planned on using for a chair rail around the room, as it is already primed white, and I can not stain it. I want to have a stained wood look around the floor and doors, and a nice white crown at about 3-feet high around the room.

note: I know I said yesterday that I would not do any more sanding. I changed my mind. Somehow, last night I had a dream about an orbital sander. When I awoke, I remembered that I had one buried in a crate of tools, that I brought down from Michigan way back when. I decided to give it a shot and see if that would work on some of the yucky ceiling hump spots. Lo and behold, it did! So I geared up with my coverings and re-sanded the ceiling using the orbital sander, and also did a once-over on teh walls too. Cleaned them up real nice! I wish I had thought of this tool BEFORE I used that dang sponge that took forever. It would have saved a lot of headache!!!

Plans for today:

  1. orbit sand the ceiling and blow the room out again.
  2. prime the walls and ceiling with a base coat.
  3. Lowes trip for paint and crown/base.

PICTURES the next morning - 5 angles (3 from door, 2 from window), click to enlarge:

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