I want electric! I will be installing all the outlets and switches, and cable, and phone, and ceiling lights. If I can get the guy down the street who drives an electrical contractor truck to pop down, maybe I will have the circuit breaker in tonight too!

note: OK, I grew some cajones and decided to install teh circuit breaker myself. 20/20 hindsight, it was a piece of cake! I was much more worried about doing it than i should have been, but at the same time, if you know anything about it, you know that even when you switch off the main breaker, there is still juice running in to the box up to that main breaker switch, so you have to be VERY careful never to touch either of those two lugs. But other than that, all I had to do was remove the cover, pop out a knockout on the top, install a cable clamp into it, run the wire into the box, strip it, put the white and ground on the neutral bar (no separate ground bar), put the black (hot) wire on the circuit breaker, pop it in, put the cover back on, and give it a whirl. WOO HOO!!!

Plans for today:

  1. install all electrical/video/telephone equipment.
  2. install the circuit breaker in the electric panel.

PICTURES the next morning - 5 angles (3 from door, 2 from window), click to enlarge:

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